fLemons were also used for medicinal purposes back in the day, so consider this blog, Doctors orders!

Lemons are used for both culinary and cleaning purposes. Some Asian cultures believe that lemons clean-out negative energy. They also believe lemons bring good luck. It has been said that keeping at least seven lemons together in your home will bring good energy and better fortune to you and yours.

We personally love the look of lemons. We decided to place seven lemons, as instructed, in a bowl, grandma’s dish from back in the day, to see if what would happen. The kitchen counter has been the location of this new experiment. Not sure if it is bringing good luck to our home but one thing we have noticed is that there is a better vibration in our lives. A positive element has swept over our home. It is a cheerful and sunny feeling. If you are feeling spontaneous, send one down the garbage disposal just to add the smell of happiness to the air. It helps that lemons are reasonably priced and keep for quite some time.

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